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How To Get The Information You Need In Escort Industry?

1). Speaking from the point of view of an Escort Service Provider; the naked truth about an Escort Industry is that right out there in the general public, there are indeed a lot of sick sexual obsessed people. He can be your colleague sitting next to you, the good teacher that always greet you or even a religious preacher. Reading this, someone will surely ask; how can you be so sure? Well, let me tell you this… 

Reading from a report from a customer service support team, plenty of calls we received in a day. Most of it is either looking for love; that’s is still considered reasonable to me. They might be lonely and need someone to love and that’s natural. 

I wish to put out the un-natural human behavior that is so disgusting and/or even to the point of un-human; that is the closest definition i can think of. Text that we received are mostly disrespectful, worst if it is a woman answering. Some would send their body part to show how big and thick it is… the list goes on…


But who am i to judge, i am too are disresputable sometimes. The purpose of this content is for those who are genuinely seeking a companion. Someone who wants to “Try” something new. But just lack of a proper guidance to get your enquiry be heard of.

2). Failure in to enquire means on the other end; that is the one who is talking to you; will definitely define you as an in-experience player. And if you are being categorized that; somehow that will burn a big hole in your pocket. 

This content won’t transform you into a negotiation expert but the least it will and can help you to achieve your first important part; and that is getting the attention of the customer support individual. .